Cyber literacy at board level and within executive teams is still low. Every new public data breach increases the urgency at the top of the organisation to act and to embrace information security as an enterprise wide business risk.

We support boards and executive teams at every step of that journey, providing a full range of advisory services to help clients enhance their information security functions: Strategic, board level security advice:

‐ Awareness training & work shops for boards & executive teams
‐ Security strategy, transformation and risk
‐ Formulation of Cyber Security Strategy
‐ Governance, Risk & Compliance obligations


Our implementation services provide the cyber security and information compliance expertise and best practices to help you quickly and effectively establish, deliver, implement, test, train, support and monitor solutions including technology and products:

– Cyber security and compliance audits, reviews and testing
– Project management and preparation for information security certifications such as Cyber Essential Plus, ISO 27001
‐ Security product & services analysis, selection and recommendations
– Technical design and architecture reviews
‐ Design & implementation of security culture and change management

From information compliance audits to cyber threat detections, CyNation’s implementation and project management services help reduce risk, meet compliance, improve cyber security defences, protect and accelerate business making a more secure and robust business.

We have developed a holistic and comprehensive cyber capability framework that can easily be adapted to the specific needs of any organisation. Our framework encompasses processes, technology and organisational factors, emphasising the human dimension of a business and its related policies and procedures. The model defines three security levels: essential, recommended practice and best practice. We utilise a number of state of the art technologies to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit process.


• Cyber Security Strategy Formulation
• Cyber Security Policy and Procedure Development
• Security risk assessment
• Cyber Security Solutions Architecture
• Cyber Security Operations Management
• Vulnerability analysis
• Penetration testing
• Cyber Security Managed Services
• Secure document management
• Secure Communications
• Digital signatures, PKI and encryption


We get you certification ready through audits, advice and implementation:
• Cyber Essentials Plus
• IASME (Information Assurance for Small & Medium Enterprises)
• ISF SOGP (Security Operation Good Practice)
• ISO27001: 2015
• Data Protection Act 1998
• EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
• PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)


It’s all about people! Building Capabilities from the top to the bottom


People – inadvertent mistakes
Organisations’ great strengths are talented and engaged employees, however and maybe luckily so, we are humans after all. According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Report conducted by pwc, 50% of data breaches are due to inadvertent human error. Creating a security aware and literate company culture will require more than the standard mandatory online training.

People – insider threats
Insider threats pose a distinct risk ‐ whether from disgruntled employees or targeted infiltration – and need to be addressed.

People ‐ lack of capabilities
Information security is not an IT problem and IT departments are increasingly stretched to the limit of their capabilities. External talent is rare and costly, due to a inter-national shortage in cyber security professionals.

With these aspects in mind, the need for good cyber security, data privacy and information management training is an essential component to minimise risks and threats and improve organisation security.

We offer a number of training & workshop programmes to board members, executive teams and company‐wide staff, such as:

– Cyber Security Risk Appetite
– Cyber Security Awareness:
• Cloud Computing
• Social Networking 
• Social Engineering
• Phishing & Spear Phishing
• Data Protection & Privacy
– Cyber Security Laws – How they apply to your organisation
– EU GDPR: Implementation & Management
– ISO/IEC 27001: Implementation & Management
– Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Management

We are more than happy to adapt any of our courses to your organisation’s specific needs. Addressing the internal capability gap, we provide one of the world’s leading technology platforms for creating realistic, immersive and risk‐free cyber simulation environment for you to train, test and innovate your existing internal resources.

improve your security awareness now

As John Chambers, CEO of CISCO, pointed out so well at the World Economic Forum in Davos: “Every company is a security company and good leaders need to be unrelenting in their self-assessments of security: What controls do we have in place? How well have they been tested? Do we have a reporting process? What else should we know? Security is no longer just a technology issue – it applies to everyone. It’s necessary for technology and business leadership to align and discuss potential risks and work together to find solutions that protect intellectual property and financials alike.” CyNation’ mission is to help organisations help improve their security and compliance posture. Our services and solutions support you on that journey.

“There are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked. “ John Chambers, CEO Cisco

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