Industry 4.0: Cyber Security Resilience and GDPR

Date: 14/03/2018    |   Time: 6:00 pm    |   Location: London, WC2R 0BL

Cyber security and data privacy (GDPR) for Industry 4.0 and smart factories

While the integration of systems that were once separated brings business and operation benefits, it also brings cyber risks to production control and supply chains, for which the industry is unprepared. New regulations, such as the GDPR, also pose a challenge for businesses, with significant fines for those who fail to take steps to properly secure their data.

In this lecture, Shadi A. Razak will review Industry 4.0 digital supply chain and smart factories, focusing on data security and privacy risks and new regulation requirements, as well as how we can mitigate them and protect the manufacturing of the future. He will discuss the use of future proof technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum technologies, to help us secure smart factories and digital supply chains.

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