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The growing digitisation of business is providing incredible opportunities for organisations around the globe. Consequently, enterprises are more interconnected with their suppliers and their digital ecosystem than ever before. In fact, on average, 181 vendors access a company’s network in any given week. However, this growth is increasing business risks in such areas as cyber security and compliance throughout each organisation, and within its broader ecosystem and supply chain. 60% of companies have experienced a data breach due to a third party. Today it is extremely difficult for any organisation to assess its exposure to such risks.

Companies want to assess their third parties efficiently and frequently for digital risks, but they often do not have the capacity to score assessments from all of them, leaving them with long backlogs. Furthermore, these assessments are a snapshot and provide point-in-time data instead of real-time information.

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Our vendor risk management and analytics platform CyDesk focuses on identifying, analysing and managing digital risks within third-party ecosystems. By providing enterprises with actionable intelligence to manage their digital vulnerabilities, CyDesk enables users to take the necessary calculated risks to achieve business continuity, business growth and secure digital transformation.


While CyDesk offers non-intrusive digital risk assessment, our automated vulnerability scanning and assessment solution CyCheck provides intrusive vulnerability scanning. It helps to identify, analyse and mitigate risks within complex online applications, network and cloud infrastructure.

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