Beware all kinds of malware, not just ransomware!2 min read


With ransomware still on the rise – and with its potential for damage so significant – it’s easy to see why it’s at the forefront of everyone’s minds. However, it’s important to remember that ransomware isn’t the only threat to your organisation, and only preparing for one kind of cyber threat can leave your business seriously vulnerable to other types of cyberattacks.

Two other forms of malware, malvertising and scareware, are starting to make waves as would-be hackers take advantage of the relative isolation and remote working scenarios that became common during the Covid-19 pandemic. Similar to phishing, these cyberattack schemes usually involve sending fake notifications to victims, stating that their machine has been hacked or their system has been otherwise compromised, and prompting them to call a support number and pay for the issue to be fixed.

The rise in these schemes is likely related to the rise in remote working, as employees find themselves out of the safety net of corporate IT information security measures.

In response, it is critical that organisations continue to monitor their ongoing and emerging threats, take regular stock of their cybersecurity measures and posture, and implement changes as needed. Adopting zero-trust information security models and access control systems, for example, can go a long way towards containing a cyberattack. Additionally, having a continuous view into your organisation’s cybersecurity status, including third-party risks and risk data from across the web, using a tool like CyDesk can help mitigate and manage cyber threats as they appear.

Malvertising and scareware may not be the flashiest of threats, but they are certainly here to stay. And there will always be new threats, as cyberattackers adapt to changing working and global conditions. So, keep an eye out for all emerging cybersecurity threats, and keep your business cyber resilient.

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