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In response to digital transformation, the banking sector has revolutionised the services they provide through digitisation. The increased dependency on technology providers, outsourced services and elevated integration has created new ways of connecting with customers, as well as new vectors for vulnerabilities and risks.


  • Financial regulations and requirements
    Banks are not only liable for themselves, but also for any non-compliance or cyber incidents caused by a vendor or third party.
  • No ongoing visibility of vendor risk
    Due diligence assessments provide point-in-time risk intelligence; however, cyber and compliance risks are constantly evolving with innovations such as open banking and blockchain.
  • Manual, compliance-driven due diligence
    Banks rely on vendor assessments and penetration testing, but these processes are still manual and infrequent.


  • Compliance monitoring
    Our key solution, CyDesk, helps maintain compliance by monitoring risk data and flagging potential breaches of regulations.
  • Ongoing visibility of your third-party ecosystem
    Our advanced analytics, powered by AI, enables financial institutions to fully visualise their vendor ecosystem to highlight critical interdependencies developing risks.
  • Automated due diligence
    We provide automated assessments and vulnerability scans on your third-party ecosystem, ensuring accurate, relevant and up-to-date risk data.
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