People – inadvertent mistakes

Organisations’ great strengths are talented and engaged employees, however and maybe luckily so, we are humans after all. According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Report conducted by pwc, 50% of data breaches are due to inadvertent human error. Creating a security aware and literate company culture will require more than the standard mandatory online training.

People – insider threats

Insider threats pose a distinct risk, whether from disgruntled employees or targeted infiltration – and need to be addressed.

People – lack of capabilities

Information security is not an IT problem and IT departments are increasingly stretched to the limit of their capabilities. External talent is rare and costly, due to a international shortage in cyber security professionals.

With these aspects in mind, the need for good cyber security, data privacy and information management training is an essential component to minimise risks and threats and improve organisation security.

Available Programmes

We regularly offer the following training programmes, either as public or in-house courses. We are more than happy to adapt any of our courses to your organisation’s specific needs:

  • A Guide to Writing an Information Security Policy (GDPR covered)
  • Cyber Risk Awareness
  • Crisis Management & Incident Response Plannning
  • Various GDPR modules from general to function and industry focus
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