We believe in the holistic approach to cyber security & compliance

We help organisations improve their security and compliance posture by providing innovative, automated solutions and services that encompass people, processes and technology, creating an enterprise wide culture which enables organisations to become more resilient and effective against threats.

What makes us different? – Automation

Organisations across all sectors and sizes are faced with having to manage relentless cyber threats and increasing compliance demands such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to manage this, organisations will have to address information security in an altogether different manner. At CyNation, we believe that automation will resolve these issues. Our solutions aim at providing on-going visibility and monitoring of an organisation’s cyber security and compliance posture, enabling immediate remediation and instant reporting. Only integration of systems and automation will enhance organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with cyber security threats and compliance demands.

Why Us? – Industry Knowledge and a Great Team

Our team offers a unique combination of business expertise and a profound knowledge of cyber security, compliance, data protection, risk management, and information governance.

  • Focus – we do compliance & cyber security, nothing else
  • Business Risk – we treat cyber security and compliance as a business risk
  • Executional Excellence – we don’t just tell you what to do, we help you do it
  • Innovation by Design – our core competency is integrating new solutions into our offering on an on-going basis
  • Automation – we believe in automation wherever possible, eliminating tedious manual processes and repetition
  • Cost Conscious – we offer affordable solutions and services which help organisations keep their costs down on an on-going basis

January 2018

CyNation chosen for CSIT Labs Cohort 3

CyNation chosen to participate in a prestigious incubator programme based at Queen University Belfast's Centre for Secure Information Technologies

September 2017

Office Opening in The Netherlands

CyNation open their first office outside the UK, in the Hague Security Delta, The Hague, Netherlands

September 2017

CyNation joins DIT Showcase in The Hague

CyNation exhibiting and speaking at UK Showcase in The Hague

June 2017

Innovative Small Company

Selected as “Top 10 most innovative cyber security start-up in UK” by Information Security Group & DCMS – Innovation Zone, InfoSec, London - Exhibition

May 2017

CyNation joins DIT Showcase in Dubai

CyNation exhibiting at GISEC, UK Showcase in Dubai, UAE

May 2017

Innovation of the Year

Featuring in DL100 list by Digital Leaders - CyNation Top 10 in the category of “Cyber Resilience Innovation of the Year”

April 2017

CyNation joins DIT Showcase in Lisbon

CyNation exhibiting and speaking at UK Showcase in Lisbon, Portugal

April 2017

CyNation Receive Grant

Innovate UK grant – S-CAN Project, Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles

March 2017

Making a mark in the UK’s Top 10

Selected as “Top 10 most innovative cyber security start-up in UK” by NSCC & DCMS – CyberUK Innovation Zone, Cyber UK Liverpool - Exhibition

January 2017

Highly Rated by Snapmunk

CyNation rated by Snapmunk (US technology editorial) “5 up and coming Cyber Security start-ups”

November 2016

CyNation joins its first DIT Showcase in The Hague

CyNation exhibiting at UK Showcase in The Hague

November 2016

Rising Stars

CyNation featured in TechCityNews “Top 5 Rising Stars in Cyber Security”

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