Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National Infrastructures such as energy grids, water supplies and telecommunications networks are increasingly digitising their systems, capitalising on new technologies to provide better services. However, this can leave essential systems vulnerable to a variety of cyber threats, including state-sponsored cyber attacks. As these infrastructures are not only highly connected to a larger digital ecosystem, but also often provide the means of connection, cyber threats are an existential issue that cannot be overlooked or underestimated.


  • Complex combination of technologies
    Critical National Infrastructure systems use a combination of legacy technologies and new digital solutions, creating a complex amalgamation of systems with conflicting security and compliance needs. Since these are often disparate concerns, it can be difficult to monitor and respond effectively to potential risks.
  • Various confusing and conflicting regulations
    Organisations are obliged to adhere to numerous regulations at local, national and international standards. Regulations are frequently updated to reflect new technologies, such as recently enforcement of the EU NIS Directive.
  • Lack of ongoing visibility of third-party ecosystem risk
    The interconnections inherent in Critical National Infrastructure necessitate continuous supervision of developing threat indicators within an organisation’s third-party ecosystem.


  • Understand your supply chain vulnerabilities
    Consider and monitor your third-party ecosystem, establishing an effective mitigation strategy for potential cyber attacks.
  • Easily manage your compliance status
    Our platform, CyDesk, maps cyber security findings against regulatory requirements and frameworks for your organisation and third parties, automatically highlighting potential breaches or shortcomings.
  • Ongoing visibility of your third-party ecosystem
    Our advanced analytics, powered by AI, enable Critical National Infrastructure organisations to fully visualise their third-party ecosystem to indicate critical interdependencies developing risks.
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