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CyNation’s CTO, Shadi A. Razak, recently spoke at techUK’s Monthly Cloud Webinar, highlighting the opportunities for telecommunications operators to use cloud technology to heighten and strengthen their services. However, there are several challenges inherent in adopting cloud services, especially as cybersecurity becomes a key priority for telecommunications organisations.

5G is starting to be rolled out across the world, and consumer expectation is higher than ever before in terms of speeds and services. Edge computing has already developed as a way to lower latency, and, as a result, apps and services will likely capitalise on this to keep up with consumer usage and demand.

However, integrating telco infrastructure with the cloud can present several significant cybersecurity concerns. The attack surface is expanding exponentially, and hacks can wreak havoc on a network, potentially bringing down systems or exposing sensitive client or company data. Therefore, it is imperative that telcos prioritise cyber measures, putting security by design into place as they roll out their new offerings. Implementing principles such as zero-trust is also a strong step, ensuring that any cyberattacks can only reach a silo of information.

However, security by design and zero-trust are both just principles, not full solutions. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is not a one-time problem. Rather, it’s a constantly shifting landscape that requires ongoing monitoring and management. Solutions like CyDesk offer constant, real-time monitoring and analysis of an organisation’s cybersecurity and compliance posture, automatically alerting security teams to potential and rising threats.

Telcos are going to have to face a major shift in mindset in prioritising cybersecurity at such an early stage of 5G and cloud adoption. However, without the willingness to invest early in cybersecurity measures, telcos may find themselves at the centre of costly and damaging cyber events. But, if they’re willing to be proactive about their cybersecurity status, they will be able to drive their business and new services to excellence.

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