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Navigating your way through the complexities of regulatory compliance

Compliance no longer plays the second violin in a cyber security orchestra, and deservedly receives more attention today from businesses of any scale, particularly as compliance and cyber security are intricately intertwined.

Government regulators, security frameworks, industry associations, corporate leadership, data policies and legislations – all this creates a complex compliance web and sometimes contradictory forces pushing your business against the wall.

Regardless of industry, size, or business maturity, your company always operates in the regulated space if it operates data. The value of your data defines the cost of your compliance. One breach can cost you the life-time of business and affect reputation beyond repair.

We believe that visibility, automation, and a trusted technology partner are key to a successful and affordable compliance journey.

CyNation recognises that compliance is not an easy subject to educate oneself with, nor it is usually served at a low price. The cost of non-compliance will always outweigh the one of compliance. Successful businesses will learn how to turn compliance into a competitive advantage, rather than a mere burden and cost factor.

CyReg™GRC is an automated real-time, intelligent compliance management platform that allows users to manage, monitor and audit any applicable industry standard and regulation. It offers instant and on-going visibility, automation of compliance audit workflows and alignment of business information and cyber security processes.

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CyRegGDPR™ has been developed to help particularly small and mid-size organisations to become GDPR compliant. With an easy to use, step-by-step approach and lots of help and guidance along the way, compliance management was never easier.

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