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It’s been about a year since the UK locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, heavily impacting office life and work culture. As we continue the cautious road to permanently returning to normal life, organisations will have to consider the cybersecurity implications of the shift back from full-time remote working back to either a hybrid or complete office model of work.

The primary reaction to Covid-19 was to digitise as much as possible. Organisations that were slowly moving to the cloud were sped up by the limitations of remote working, where paperwork and other physical aspects of work were simply not feasible. As a result, these digital transformations were mostly done quickly, with only a passing consideration given to the cybersecurity status of the systems. Now, a year on, these systems must be tested and organisations must ensure that they possess the highest level of cybersecurity possible.

Similarly, for offices planning on creating or returning to a hybrid model of working in the office and remotely, policies for devices, networks and other protective measures such as VPNs should be reviewed and overhauled if necessary. Hybrid working may be the future of work, so organisations should invest the time into managing the inherent risk in an increase in connected entry points.

Lastly, organisations should always make sure that they have a real-time, accurate view into their cybersecurity status, and the cybersecurity of their entire third-party ecosystem. Organisations may have engaged with new third parties or suppliers this year; understanding the new risk they may bring could be key to preventing a costly cyberattack. And even if there have been no new suppliers onboarded in the past year, the instability and increase in cyberattacks in 2020 is reason enough to constantly monitor any new cyber threats.

It’s been a long and unprecedented year. But taking advantage of the move back into the office to review and update your cybersecurity measures can go a long way into making your organisation’s future bright.

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