How much cyber risk does your business really face?2 min read


Today’s business world is more interconnected than ever – while supply chains pose an obvious inherent risk in terms of global delays and potential cyberattacks, organisations also face heightened risks from oft-overlooked third parties. Third parties are used across departments and throughout organisations, and can include suppliers critical to day-to-day operations, such as payroll and HR services. So how can your organisation really keep track of its cyber risk – and what’s the best way to manage it from there?

Ideally, you have to have an understanding of what your digital ecosystem – including all of your suppliers and third parties – really looks like. How many outside suppliers does your company share information with and depend upon, and how are they connected to each other? Of course, you should have a general understanding of this from due diligence questionnaires that should be completed at regular intervals, in keeping with cyber regulations such as GDPR.

However, from there, it only gets more complicated. Understanding and tracking the inherent risks of certain third parties, as well as the risk that their own suppliers (i.e. fourth parties and shadow vendors) also introduce, can be tricky. Additionally, hacks and other critical situations can develop quickly, meaning that point-in-time analysis of an organisation’s digital ecosystem is not enough to immediately recognise and manage a cyberattack.

That’s why CyDesk offers real-time, ongoing monitoring of your organisation’s digital ecosystem, allowing you and your security team to make the quick, necessary decisions that are fundamental to managing cyber threats and cyberattacks. With data streams and state-of-the-art analytics, CyDesk not only automates monitoring and risk data collection, but also can respond to common threats and highlight any new and concerning cyber risks.

At the end of the day, knowing the cyber risk that your organisation faces is only half the battle. There’s no doubt that understanding and managing the myriad of cyber threats in today’s business is challenging. But with help from CyDesk, you can heighten your business’s cyber and operational resilience.

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