Recent cyberattacks highlight the need for managing ongoing threats2 min read


Summertime and better weather may be here, but there’s no time to take a holiday from managing your organisation’s cyber risk posture. Recent cyberattacks on a US pipeline, the Massachusetts Steamship Authority and JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, have made clear that ransomware and malware attacks show no sign of slowing. If anything, hackers are likely to try their hand at exploiting the same vulnerabilities again and again.

That’s why it’s important to keep up with regular threat intelligence updates, as well as look for vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems and patch accordingly. And it’s worth making sure you cast a wide net for this kind of information – while a complex and high-profile cyberattack may grace the headlines, seemingly smaller and simpler hacks could still cause a myriad of problems.

Even the most vigilant organisation can be caught unaware as ransomware, phishing and other types of hacks evolve over time. What may have mitigated a previous or historic cyber threat may soon be outdated, leaving gaps in your organisation’s cyber posture again.

Of course, with the wealth of data and cyber threats present today, automation is key to ensuring that your organisation’s security team doesn’t miss any crucial information. Tools such as CyDesk not only automatically provide threat intelligence from a variety of sources, but also analyse the impact of each threat on your cybersecurity and compliance posture. Additionally, CyDesk can implement mitigation actions for common risks, allowing security teams to focus on more serious or complex threats.

Going forward, it will only become more and more important to maintain your organisation’s cybersecurity stance. And while there’s no easy fix to counter all of the cyber threats in the world, equipping your organisation’s security team with CyDesk can go a long way to preventing some costly and damaging cyber attacks.

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