Compliance Management

CyNation offers a 360 degree Governance, Regulation, Compliance (GRC) system giving boards, senior executives and other users on- going, clear visibility of their organisation’s GRC posture.

As the platform allows users to manage, monitor and audit any standard and regulation, it has the potential to become the organisation’s central repository of it’s entire compliance posture. The platform has a user friendly and intuitive interface, allowing users to easily access and search for compliance evidence which has been stored in tamper proof, smart databases. This allows business to manage security controls for all cyber security polices without requiring additional software or systems, like SIEM.

Internal Cyber Security Risk Monitoring

CyNation’s internal security risk monitoring system allows companies to monitor and assess their infrastructure, systems and asset configuration as well as their availability and performance on an on- going basis.

Unlike traditional SIEM solutions, SEM and performance monitoring systems, our system offers an intelligent platform that allow users to teach the system how to parse logs, events, static and dynamic configuration files using a unique universal parser feature. CyNation’s Cyber Security Risk Monitoring solution has granular correlation rule engines and a super-fast forensic search feature providing an enhanced level of near real-time situational awareness of your internal cyber security risk over any other vendor.


External Cyber Security Risk Monitoring

CyNation’s external cyber security risk monitoring technology gives enterprises real time visibility of their own and their vendors’ cyber risks. The system will continuously monitor the organisations’ security postures and report its status from an outside perspective. Using machine learning and actionable artificial intelligence the systems allows you to compare your own and your vendor’s security posture to your industry, helping you to always know where you stand in relation to other organisations and assisting you in making rational, fact-based decisions at the time you need the information.


Threat Intelligence

The issue of most ‘threat intelligence’ feeds is simply becoming overwhelmed by the availability of too much data and therefore having to constantly make the difficult decision of which pieces of intelligence are or are not important. Emerging cyber attack strategies teach us, that organisations can experience multiple attacks simultaneously, often used as a distraction technique, the real attack is overlooked in the chaos of dealing with i.e. a full fledged brute force attack.

CyNation’s Threat Intelligence engine and platform enables you to filter the huge data mountain and identify truly critical activities in real-time: what and who is attacking, why they are attacking and how; what you are able to see that can help you mitigate attacks. The engine enables you to receive observable indicators of compromise, TTPs such as attack vectors and malware analysis artefacts, as well as their intended target details. This can then be correlated with additional threat and security information, providing insights on how these could impact the companies’ security and GRC posture.

Secure Communication

Modern communication tools such as instant messaging, electronic mail and document sharing are never 100% secure from the risks of data interception or unauthorized dissemination. CyNation’s Secure Communication system offers a truly secure and integrated solution that incorporates instant messaging, file transfer and email. The seamless integration into the user’s workflow through email notifications, plug-ins for all common email clients allows users to access messages directly with one click and a security sign-on. Unlike other secure email or messaging systems, our system and platform are independent, and function entirely from within the browser or mobile application. No additional technology is required, nor is the use of complicated encryption methods with tedious set-up methodologies. Even more importantly, all data within the system is under the control of the system’s owner, providing the owner with the assurance that no third party will be able to access the data without their knowledge or consent even in transit.

Professional Training Solutions via Cyber Simulators

CyNation can provide cyber simulators that emulate local and wide area networks (LAN’s, WAN’s) and the Global Internet, providing a safe environment for training, Research & Development (R&D), cyber response planning, forensics, equipment and software evaluation etc. The simulators have been developed over the last 15years and use specifically designed software modules for system configuration, cyber security training lessons and assessment and a cyber attack vector library. The simulator can have both virtual and physical network components configured to emulate a corporate network thereby providing a realistic and immersive environment. The simulators can be used locally or over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, providing maximum utilisation by corporations.

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