Web app vulnerabilities increasingly to blame for cyber breaches1 min read


As organisations optimise and digitise their offerings, an increasing amount are turning to web applications to offer various functions and services. However, these web apps can often have exploitable cybersecurity flaws, leading to significant cyberattacks and potentially putting business and customer data at risk.

Recent research by Barracuda Networks has found that gaps in security in web applications affected over 70% of organisations that used them last year. Even more staggering is the fact that nearly a third of affected firms suffered these cyberattacks twice.

The cost of cyberattacks such as these are on the rise – and most figures do not even consider the potential cost of loss of reputation, customer trust and lost business. These cyber threats are constantly evolving and often performed by bots that constantly troll for even the smallest vulnerability. Even with a security team and cybersecurity processes in place, the sheer number of attacks may make cyber resilience like a distant dream.

That’s why tools like CyCheck provide an invaluable resource to overworked security teams. CyCheck automates vulnerability assessments for web applications, highlighting security any security gaps in web apps, websites, networks and cloud infrastructure. So, instead of looking through an endless amount of threat intelligence, your organisation’s security team can focus on managing the cybersecurity risks and gaps revealed by CyCheck. Regular assessments and patching can go a very long way to protecting your organisation’s and your client’s data, and therefore protecting your business.

It seems unlikely that cyberattacks focused on exploiting web app vulnerabilities will let up, especially as businesses continue to digitise their services across industries. However, with the right tools at their disposal, your organisation’s security team can be prepared for whatever cyber attack comes your way.

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