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Fintech startups struggle to battle cyber attacks

22 / 08 / 2019

New research suggests that the vast majority (98%) of the world’s top 100 financial technology (fintech) startups are vulnerable to web and mobile a...

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GDPR’s growing pains

16 / 08 / 2019

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across European countries has been far from homogeneous – and it would be no sur...

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GDPR at one

25 / 07 / 2019

More than a year after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), almost a third of European businesses are still not complian...

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Cybersecurity within the supply chain

11 / 07 / 2019

In an article published in “Supply Chain Digital”, Alan Calder, Chief Executive of GRC International plc, discusses the increasing issue of cybers...

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Marriott faces massive data breach fine

10 / 07 / 2019

Britain's privacy watchdog has announced a suggested fine of £99 million under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) against hotel giant...

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Record fine for BA data breach

08 / 07 / 2019

British Airways is facing a record fine of £183 million for last year's breach of its security systems. The airline says it was "surprised and disapp...

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Data access a key weapon in the cyber wars

23 / 05 / 2019

Cyber insurance could offer increased protection in Europe if policymakers gave insurers access to anonymised cyber-attack data, claims industry body ...

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CTO Shadi Razak featured in important new report

25 / 04 / 2019

Holland FinTech has just published a report into the state of play in a post-GDPR world. Almost a year since the regulation was introduced, the report...

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MPs urge businesses to strengthen cyber defences

04 / 04 / 2019

The UK government has urged businesses to improve their cyber security defences, following a survey that revealed a dramatic increase in the costs res...

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