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CyNation’s new strategic partnership with Compumatica, a leading Dutch cybersecurity company, gives organisations access to a universe of cybersecurity solutions and tools, allowing them to protect the business from today’s cyber-attacks and tomorrow’s new digital risks.

Digital risks afflict any industry with a supply chain or vendor ecosystem, and have become increasingly common with digital transformation. For instance, financial services have been a prime target to cyber threats due to the amount of valuable, sensitive information they hold and their dependence on numerous third-parties and digital providers in delivering their online services. This heightens their third-party risk, as cyber attackers can exploit a weakness anywhere within the vendor ecosystem to access valuable data.

It can feel impossible to keep up with cyber attackers – after all, according to the University of Maryland, on average, hackers attack 2,244 times per day. With the threat surface constantly shifting and information changing, organisations need to find effective methods to continuously track and mitigate their cyber risks.

Threats such as phishing and malware are notable examples of common but preventable cyberattacks. According to Verizon, 94% of malware is delivered by email. The consequences of malware or a ransomware attack can be costly – SafeAtLast found that businesses paid an average of $133,000 to restore their operations.

It’s a risk that you can easily take care of without a second thought, using Compumatica’s CompuMail Gateway. The solution provides automatic email encryption and signing, without confusing software required. GDPR-friendly and centrally managed, it is simple to integrate into existing networks. It can be used with standard protocols, such as S/MIME and OpenPGP, or with specially designed protocols, provided by Compumatica.

Encrypting your emails ensures that unwanted outside parties cannot intercept and read sensitive business information. Additionally, CompuMail Gateway has anti-malware and anti-phishing features, checking that inbound mail does not fool innocuous employees.

Other digital risks, such as data breaches from third parties or insecure APIs, can result in compliance fines, disruptions in business operations, loss of reputation and negative financial consequences. IBM recently found that the total cost of lost business averaged $1.42 million. Therefore, managing cyber risks and effectively mitigating attacks should be an organisation’s priority.

CyNation’s integrated risk management platform, CyDesk compiles cyber, compliance and business risks into one consolidated view, using real-time data. With a complete view into third-party ecosystems, tracking vendor security and compliance is simple, allowing organisations to mitigate potential breaches from third parties or APIs. Shareable across departments, CyDesk identifies key risks, analyses them for intelligent decision-making and suggests effective management options in line with your overall strategy.

Now organisations can visualise their entire threat surface, recognising and monitoring third and fourth parties for a variety of digital risks. Innovative, easy to use and business-oriented, CyDesk is the best solution for risk management.

Together, these two products will strengthen your organisation, ensuring your business is always performing successfully.

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