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Professional Services

Bespoke Consultancy, Advisory and Training

Whether your organisation needs support to get started, or doesn’t have the capacity and expertise, we are here to help. We provide a range of consultancy and training services that help improve your organisation’s compliance and information security posture.

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Security Scorecard

Instant Visibility into the Cyber Health of your Supply Chain

Did you know that 70% of Cyber Attacks come from the third parties and vendor networks organisations are doing business with? Find out how to immediately remove unnecessary risks coming from your business partners.

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GDPR – not compliant? Hefty Fines Lurking…

Non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can result in fines of 2-4% of global turnover or €10-20m, whatever is greater, come May 2018. Get started with CyReg™GDPR, Your Automated Compliance Manager.

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70% of Cyber Attacks from Third Parties

Start managing your Third Party Risk with Security Scorecard which gives you instant visibility and insights into the security posture of any company or partner in organisations’ supply chain. It is the most complete benchmarking platform for managing the volume and complexity of today’s security risks. As much of an organisation’s data resides outside it’s own network, visibility is paramount to avoid costly impact.

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Cyber Security incidents cost UK firms £29bn in the past year

It is estimated that 2.9m organisations in the UK were compromised last year. Avoid joining the long list! CyNation’s internal security risk monitoring product, CyEye, allows companies to monitor and assess their infrastructure, systems and asset configuration as well as their availability and performance on an on-going basis. Utilising CyEye, we helped one CIO client identify 46 critical security issues in the business and resolved all of them in 72 hours.

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CyReg™GDPR is an automated compliance management tool for GDPR compliance. The platform, provided as SaaS, assists the organisation through different stages of GDPR compliance, from rapid readiness assessment and gap analysis to defining an organisation specific action plan. Clear, online guidance, help and advice are offered throughout the process.

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CyEye™ is an intelligent and automated Cyber Security platform providing on-going visibility of an organisation’s cyber security posture. It equips organisations with automated security prediction and prevention functionality, complemented by automated security detection and remediation mechanism.

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We regularly comment on latest topics in our own blogs. We also post other interesting news and highlight the best events to attend.

GDPR Week in Review


CyNation, in collaboration with Digital Leaders, hosted a very successful GDPR Week. The week included two seminars and two webinars having to do with helping people become GDPR compliant, ahead of...

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2018 Technology Predictions


GP. Bullhound have released their predictions for technology in 2018. Cyber security features heavily in these predictions, along with other disruptive innovations that will change the way we work and...

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Driverless Vehicle Pilot in UK


The British HumanDrive innovative project will create an original autonomous vehicle aiming to demonstrate a long test drive (200-mile) journey in country roads, A-roads and motorways in live traffic....

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